Baby Mary Ann Murphy.

In 1995 Chris and Pat Kleinhoffer adopted two little girls at four years old and eighteen months old. The four year old was me. The eighteen month old was my new baby sister, Tricia; or as I so affectionately called her, “Sheesha”.

Sheesha and I grew up three years apart, yet in the beginning were still unable to escape constant matching outfits during holidays . . . or any other day Mom wanted to put us in similar Minnie Mouse dresses. Our brand new family fell into perfect sync. We shared a magnificent, one of a kind, bunk bed made of solid wood . . . in the shape of a ship. As the older sister, and as captain, I got to sleep on the upper deck of the ship. Sheesha, the younger sister, slept protected inside the cabin of the ship. But it wasn't all "fun and games". As all siblings do, we had our sisterly fights where I would attempt to drown her in the kiddie pool and she would heave an entire clothing dresser onto me while I played on the floor . . . 

True sisterly love :P


It’s now 20 years later.


Our family is sitting in the waiting room when (finally :D) the sound of bed wheels rolling down the hallway and a mother cooing to her child is music to our ears. Trailing the bed into the room we lay our eyes on the most beautiful sight . . . 

My baby sister . . . little Sheesha . . . spunky, sweet Sheesha . . . is a mother. In her arms she cradles a life so precious the thought of this very life makes my heart explode.



Meet Mary Ann Murphy

May 19, 2015




12 days old.

May 31, 2015














Aunt Amy



She has so many facial expressions already.

And now I'm one of "those people". Haha.



This post is dedicated to a loving mother and grandmother who is no longer with us.

It's been a year since you have passed and we all miss you dearly.

I know you would have loved baby Mary Ann.

She's partly named after you, you know . . .

Continue to rest in peace,

Ann Kleinhoffer.


Your little songbird

Oh by the way, I launched a website.

Hello again!

I recently officially launched my website (like a week ago). I've been blessed with a lot of new and exciting opportunities over the past couple of weeks. 

What's happening right now? One of my friends and client (local catering business) is getting married this weekend. They're a wonderful couple who have asked myself and my love to be the photographers. I've never been so excited to photograph a wedding before. Photos to come! Stay tuned.

A day in Allegheny Cemetery.

This entry has a bit of a personal theme to it, but the moment was so unbelievable that I must tell anyone I can. I was assigned the location of Allegheny Cemetery for a shoot the other morning. As a food photographer a cemetery isn’t the most ideal location. Here’s a delicate and colorful sushi plate with tombstones in the background; no thanks. I was at a loss for a portfolio piece but I wanted to take the opportunity to do more of a personal shoot.
Here’s the personal part of the entry. A couple of months ago my grandmother lost the battle to pancreatic cancer, a few weeks following, her husband, my grandfather, took his life. It’s a tragic love story that is still difficult for me to believe. My grandparents raised me at the beginning of my life, and by that I mean something a little different than the usual. I am adopted. Before I was adopted, they took care of me until their son and his wife got custody. These souls took in an abandoned child and then helped me find a stable home. The loss of them is the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced.
I’ve never been a fan of cemeteries. I’ve probably been in, maybe, four of them in my 23 years of living. The Allegheny Cemetery location was not something I was very comfortable with. I did however; begin to look forward to it as some sort of spiritual closure due to my grandparents never having a funeral, memorial service, etc. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was mentally prepared for anything. My boyfriend, Ethan, came with me for support and to assist me if necessary. I imagined I would stumble across a stone with something beautiful written on it or see a landscape with striking light, think of my grandparents, and probably cry. I would photograph the moment and it would be very dear to me forever. Something beyond that happened.
The cemetery goes on for miles doubling as a home for wildlife to roam. There were a lot of docile deer that you could almost reach out and pet. Ethan believes deer symbolize peace and tranquility. He looks at them as very spiritual animals. I think he’s got something there. So we walked around the cemetery encountering beautiful animals that seemed to want to comfort us. I wasn’t having much luck with my camera, spending too much time just remembering my grandparents.
When suddenly we passed an incredibly aged grave with a huge eight-foot tall stone. Sitting on the point of the stone, perfectly placed and perfectly still, was a huge red tailed hawk. 

“Is that real?!”

I exclaimed while enthusiastically pointing. I legitimately thought it was a fake. The stone was so old and had such a creepy vibe that it made sense for it to be a fake bird someone placed on the grave instead of flowers. And then it looked at me. I began shooting. Ethan pulled out his phone to take pictures. We slowly inched ourselves closer and closer as the hawk looked back and forth between us remaining unthreatened by our presence. We got about a foot away before the bird ruffled his feathers exposing his impressive wingspan; Ethan took one step too close in that moment and off the hawk went. But not without giving us a truly divine moment exceeding anything I could have ever wanted from the location.

First time for everything.

Welcome to my very first blog post! I'm Vanessa Song, a 23 year old food photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pa.

You would be shocked to know that I’m currently learning how to write my lowercase ABC’s for the first time…calligraphy style. Months ago I was inspired to learn calligraphy with the hopes of basing my brand around my own personal writing style. My goal is to create an original letter “V” for my logo as well as turning my alphabet into a font that will be one of a kind. 

The journey toward this goal has been a learning experience. The first set of pens I bought were the wrong kind and I struggled believing that I was just no good at it.  Eventually, I became frustrated and started really researching everything about calligraphy only to discover my wrong pen choice for the style I wanted to achieve. About a month ago I bought all of the right penholders, nibs, ink, and paper, as well as, an online class to help guide me along the correct way. Since then I have been making favorable progress. I love this form of art. I have always had nice handwriting and been attracted to typography but calligraphy is different. I look at letters and words so much differently. I pay attention to the weight of a line and wonder how much pressure equals that thickness. It’s fun, it’s meditative even.