First time for everything.

Welcome to my very first blog post! I'm Vanessa Song, a 23 year old food photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pa.

You would be shocked to know that I’m currently learning how to write my lowercase ABC’s for the first time…calligraphy style. Months ago I was inspired to learn calligraphy with the hopes of basing my brand around my own personal writing style. My goal is to create an original letter “V” for my logo as well as turning my alphabet into a font that will be one of a kind. 

The journey toward this goal has been a learning experience. The first set of pens I bought were the wrong kind and I struggled believing that I was just no good at it.  Eventually, I became frustrated and started really researching everything about calligraphy only to discover my wrong pen choice for the style I wanted to achieve. About a month ago I bought all of the right penholders, nibs, ink, and paper, as well as, an online class to help guide me along the correct way. Since then I have been making favorable progress. I love this form of art. I have always had nice handwriting and been attracted to typography but calligraphy is different. I look at letters and words so much differently. I pay attention to the weight of a line and wonder how much pressure equals that thickness. It’s fun, it’s meditative even.